Using Root Hair Promoting Peptides on Marigolds
Seedling Emergence at 4 Days!

FOUR DAYS!!! I repeat, FOUR DAYS!!! I know it is just the initial germination, but when the package says 7-14 days for a seedling to emerge and you get those visible results in just 4 days, it is exciting. It is still too early right now to form any conclusions since all I have are a few seedlings. What is interesting though is the  marigolds that did not receive the Root Hair Promoting Peptides have not germinated. I shouldn’t be getting this excited, but I am.

Initial Peptide Application

These peptides as far as I know have little to no impact on the actual germination. Where these peptides play an important factor is in the development of root hairs. Hence the name of Root Hair Promoting Peptide (RHPP). This is very important because the very first stage of germination is when the Radicle (embryonic root) breaks through the seed and makes its way into the soil. The Radicle then begins to develop the primary root structure and at this point a seeding will emerge and the roots will continue to grow.

The Morning Glories are Performing Well

I suspect that the addition of the peptides at seeding has potentially accelerated the growth of the primary root structure and led to an earlier emergence of the seed leaf. I am focused mainly on the affect that these peptides have on the marigolds that I planted. What is interesting is how the Morning Glories are reacting. These seeds seem to have taken a liking to the RHPP’s and are doing well.

I am still not sure how these peptides will affect the new plants, but from what I have seen so far, things look promising.  Hopefully the germination will continue to progress and I will actually have some flowers to plant without having to buy them already grown. Time will tell. The details on my application rates can be found here.

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