Sunday Lawn Care Review

I was contacted in December of 2019 by a representative of Sunday Lawn & Garden asking if I would like to partner with them. I was offered the products free of charge in exchange for a review of their product.That review has been made and if you have not watched it already, you can find it below. If you came here from the video the emails discussion the partnership are also below as well as the soil test.

I went into this with hoping that I would be surprised by the products. I did look at them in the past, however, I never felt like trying them as I already had a pretty good program in place. I am always willing to try new things and hoped that these products would work in a way that I could recommend them to neighbors, friends, and family.

My test area was in the backyard. I divided the yard into three sections. Section 1 was the Sunday section and was about 1100 square feet. Section 2 was X-GRN and was about 1000 square feet. Section 3 was also X-GRN, but I used peptides in addition to the fertilizer to test those as well.

The results speak for themselves. Overall, there was more nitrogen applied to the Sunday test plot than the other two test plots. The products simply do not work.

The YouTube Review

The Communcations

Here are the email communications between myself and a representative of the Sunday Partnership Program. 

The Soil Test

Below are the results of the soil test that was provided as part of the Sunday Lawn Plan. This is a very comprehensive test that utilized the Mehlich 3 testing method. Sunday will alter your kits content based on the results of the soil test so packages 2 and 3 could be different. They do not however give an interpretation of the results and what to apply to correct any deficiencies. This is to be expected though as their service is supposed to adjust and account for this.

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