DEPTH 10+/CARB Combo Pack

A combination pack of DEPTH 10+ and DEPTH CARB. Perfect for combating summer heat stress by promoting root growth and and soil health.



A Combo Pack of 1 gallon of DEPTH 10+ and 1 gallon of DEPTH CARB

DEPTH CARB is a proprietary vegetal derived N P K fertilizer used to stimulate early plant growth and microbial activity.

DEPTH CARB contains a combination of free amino acids for plant phyisiological stress reduction and oligosaccharides to act as an immediate food source for the rhizosphere.

DEPTH CARB is a low salt index material, with all N P K and amino acids derived from vegetal sources.

DEPTH CARB can be applied as a standalone product or as part of a tank mix.

DEPTH 10+ is a liquid formulation of concentrated, complex plant derived amino acids and plant growth promoting peptides and highly available foliar potassium.

DEPTH 10+ is a concentrated plant derived peptide to specifically increase rooting and root hair surface area of plants.  These substances are highly biologically active and may increase plant performance through increased photosynthesis and plant physiology.



4-6 WEEK MAXIMUM RATE: 1 GAL/ACRE – 3oz/1000 sqft*
2-4 WEEK MAX RATE: 64oz/ACRE – 1.5oz/1000 sqft*
1-2 WEEK MAX RATE: 32oz/ACRE – .75oz/1000 sqft*


3-5 Gallons/ACRE (9-12oz/1000 sqft) as a Starter App
1-3 Gallons/ACRE (3-9oz/1000 sqft) every 2 weeks during growing season

Additional information

Weight24 lbs
Dimensions9 × 9 × 12.5 in


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