DEPTH Uptake/ CA+ Combo

UPTA[K]E is a foliar potassium fertilizer designed for maximum leaf absorption efficiency.

UPTA[K]E provides high efficiency potassium acetate specifically formulated with fully chelated micronutrients and fulvic acid.

UPTA[K]E contains fulvic acid for its ability to complex, chelate, and efficiently move into plant tissue.

UPTA[K]E also contains freshwater kelp and molasses to stimulate soil microbial activity and resist stress.

Apply 3-6oz per 1000 SQFT with sufficient carrier volume to ensure adequate leaf coverage. Repeat applications every 2 to 4 weeks depending on nitrogen and growth requirements.

DEPTH Ca+ is a fully chelated foliar calcium supplement.

DEPTH Ca+ provides immediate plant uptake to correct deficiencies through root and leaf tissues due to the soluble chelation.

DEPTH Ca+ is the main component that dictates cell wall strengh.

DEPTH Ca+ is glucoheptonate chelated to prevent calcium from being locked-up by poor pH levels.

DEPTH Ca+ should be applied as part of a fertilizer program, not as a solitary product. This product is best used to correct soil or tissue deficiencies. It is important that a tissue test or soil test is performed prior to application.



Combo Pack of DEPTH Uptake and Depth CA+.
1 Gallon of each

Additional information

Weight24 lbs
Dimensions9 × 9 × 12.5 in


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