Heat Stress in Kentucky Blue Grass
I was not supposed to grow this here and definitely not mow it this low.

I am not the first one to try to grow Kentucky Blue Grass in the transition zone and I wont be the last. The big difference is most will add Kentucky Blue Grass into a mix of another grass, for example Turf Type Tall Fescue. I have mainly Kentucky Blue Grass with a little bit of perennial rye. This is a fantastic combo and mixes well for the most part. Where the problems begin is when the heat intensifies and the ryegrass begins to die..

This year has been a year of minimal inputs. So minimal I have less than 1 pound of Nitrogen per 1000 sqft applied this year in the front lawn. Outside of the initial application in March and a follow up application in May, the only additional fertilization has come from the NPK in the Subvert line of Peptides and a little bit of FeATURE.

How is the Lawn Now?

Not Too Bad for Mid-July

What about the Roots?

The root growth is so dense I could barely wash the soil out of them with the hose on a misting setting.

Peptides are Working for me!

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